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Evening M.Div. Program

The seminary where I teach is meeting the needs of working students with families. We are starting an "Evening MDiv," providing a top notch residential experience with full flexibility of your daytime schedule. I will be teaching Elementary Greek on Monday evenings in...

Jeremiah 2-5

Jeremiah 2:5

Amos 7-12-1

Amos 7:12 part 1

Amos 7-11-2

Amos 7:11 part 2

Amos 7-11-1

Amos 7:11 part 1

Amos 7-10-2

Amos 7:10 part 2

Amos 7-10-1

Amos 7:10 part 1


Hebrew instructor Tom Blanchard (Daily Dose of Hebrew) recently returned from career missionary work in Switzerland for retirement. As he was passing through Louisville, KY, there was a unique opportunity to gather many of the Daily Dose team.  In this photo (left to...

Jeremiah 2-4

Jeremiah 2:4

Amos 7-9-2

Amos 7:9 part 2

Amos 7-9-1

Amos 7:9 part 1

Amos 7-8-2

Amos 7:8 part 2

Amos 7-8-1

Amos 7:8 part 1

Amos 7-7

Amos 7:7

Jeremiah 2-3

Jeremiah 2:3



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