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Amos 3-1-2

Amos 3:1 part 2

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November 26, 2017 Merry Christmas!  Thank you for being a good steward of the knowledge and training you have received by reading your Greek New Testament and/or Hebrew Old Testament! At the Daily Dose of Greek/Hebrew, we are on a sacred mission to keep Christians...

1 Sam 3-16

1 Samuel 3:16

Amos 3-1-1

Amos 3:1 part 1

Amos 2-16

Amos 2:16

Amos 2-15

Amos 2:15

Amos 2-14

Amos 2:14

Amos 2-13

Amos 2:13

1 Sam 3-15-2

1 Samuel 3:15 part 2

Amos 2-12

Amos 2:12

Amos 2-11

Amos 2:11

Amos 2-10-2

Amos 2:10 part 2

Amos 2-10-1

Amos 2:10 part 1

Daily Dose Android Apps

Daily Dose Android Apps Good news!  A Daily Dose follower, Rick Conrad, has developed these free Daily Dose Android apps as another way to watch, download, and organize your Daily Dose videos....

Amos 2-9-2

Amos 2:9 part 2



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