Shalom! My name is Tom Blanchard, and I’m Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at the Institut Biblique de Genève in Switzerland, just over the French border.

My wife Lucy and I have been ministering in France basically since 1980. I’ve served as a church-planter, pastor-teacher, and professor at the Institut Biblique de Nogent-sur-Marne near Paris. We served fifteen years near Paris, six years in Arizona, thirteen years in the French Alps, and are now working in Alsace, near Strasbourg. I’ve been teaching Hebrew (in both French and English) for a long time, in Denver, Phoenix, Paris, Lyons, and Geneva. Like Dr. Mark Futato, I fell in love with the language many years ago, and I try to communicate that passion to my students.

I started making my videos in French (, after seeing Dr. Plummer’s Daily Dose of Greek. But since I was already doing the setup and exegetical work, I began recording an English version as well. It’s a joy and a privilege to now contribute in some small way to the Daily Dose of Hebrew.

I wish you Bon Voyage on your journey of discovering more of God’s Word in the original language.

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