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Helping you read your way through the Hebrew Old Testament in just 2 minutes per verse.

Hebrew Reading Lists

In today’s weekend edition, Dr. Howell overviews some reading lists in Hebrew for Life and then discusses one from Tim McNinch and one from Miles Van Pelt. Those last two are freely available to Daily Dose subscribers (Click Here).

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Fun Communicative Biblical Hebrew Videos

Over the next few Sundays starting tomorrow, we will be featuring a new resource for learning and retaining Biblical Hebrew. The Aleph with Beth‘s videos are designed to make learning Biblical Hebrew accessible and enjoyable for anyone of any language or educational background. We are happy to commend them to you. They gradually teach vocabulary, grammar, and the alphabet in bite-size pieces through monolingual Biblical Hebrew videos, using beautiful footage and photos to make the concepts come alive and lots of repetition to help the learner internalize the language. Enjoy their introduction video below and be sure to check out and subscribe to their YouTube channel for more videos. You can also support their work through Patreon.


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2 Samuel 7-1 – French

French-language Sunday!
We want to make you aware of the Hebrew language videos for French speakers by Tom Blanchard at https://gardetonhebreu.com/  (“Keep Your Hebrew”). This website contains many helpful Hebrew study helps in French.  Please help others find it!

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