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Job 42-12a

Job 42:12a

Job 42-11b

Job 42:11aβ

Job 42-11aβ

Job 42:11aβ

Job 42-11aα

Job 42:11aα

Job 42-10b

Job 42:10b

Job 42-10a

Job 42:10a

Job 42-9

Job 42:9  

Job 42-8b

Job 42:8b  

Job 42-8a2

Job 42:8a2

Job 42-8a

Job 42:8a

Lecture 03 – Consonantes con doble pronunciación – Spanish

Lecture 03 - Consonantes con doble pronunciación Over the next few Sundays, we will be posting a series of Hebrew videos for Spanish speakers from Dr. Dominick S. Hernández. Special thanks to Programa Hispano de Southern Seminary for allowing us to post these videos....

Job 42-7b

Job 42:7b

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